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Title:   Conversations in Cultural and Religious Theory Author:  Victor E. Taylor, ed. Series:  Critical Studies in the Humanities Imprint:  The Davies Group, Publishers soft cover 314 pp. USD  26.00 ISBN 978-1935452439 September 2013 The field of cultural and religious theory expanded dramatically in the first decade of the twenty-first century, opening new dynamic spaces for interdisciplinary inquiry. In this volume, which is a collection of interviews from the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, major contemporary theorists, philosophers, and theologians such as Slavoj Žižek, Jean-Luc Marion, Avital Ronell, Richard Kearney, John D. Caputo, Carl A, Raschke, Thomas J.J. Altizer, and Mark C. Taylor provide detailed analyses of critical issues in cultural and religious studies.  Conversation topics are timely and far-ranging, from the history of religious theory in the postmodern era to the role of religious and cultural theory in addressing political, social, and artistic movements.  In addition, the collected major figures discuss and reflect on their past contributions to the study of religion and culture and provide previews of their on-going scholarly projects and intellectual concerns.   Contents Preface A Conversation between Carl A. Raschke and Mark C. Taylor About About Religion A Conversation with John D. Caputo, Loosening the Tongue: On Derrida and Religious Theory A Conversation with Avital Ronell, Refusing Theory: Avital Ronell and the Structure of Stupidity A Conversation with Jean-Michel Rabaté Conversation on The Future of Theory A Conversation with Richard Kearney A Conversation With Slavoj Žižek A Conversation with Jean-Luc Marion A Conversation with Michael Hardt A Conversation with Catherine Malabou A Conversation with David Wood,  Moments of Intense Presence  A Conversation with Paul D. Miller, Spooky Noises: Ghosts in the Music Machine of Paul D. Miller (AKA DJ Spooky) An Interview With Hent de Vries , Minimal Difference With Maximal Import: “Deep Pragmatism” And Global Religion A Conversation with Carl A. Raschke, From Alchemy to Revolution An Interview with Thomas J.J. Altizer Editor Victor E. Taylor teaches in comparative literature and humanities at York College of Pennsylvania. His books and edited volumes include Para/Inquiry: Postmodern Religion and Culture (Routledge 2000), The Encyclopedia of Postmodernism (Routledge  2001), Postmodernism: Critical Concepts (Routledge 1998), Jean-François Lyotard: Critical Assessment  (Routledge, 2006) and The Religious Pray, The Profane Swear (Pen Mark Press, 2002, expanded edition 2012), Religion After Postmodernism: Retheorizing Myth and Literature  (University of Virginia Press, 2008). He is executive editor of the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory.
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