Just as the disciplinary boundaries between religion, philosophy and culture have been increasingly blurred, so too are the intellectual, political and economic interests of the European and American context co-implicated. This series publishes original works by both contemporary European (in translation) and American intellectuals. While specializing in religion, philosophy and culture, these creative and cutting-edge theoretical works are also informed by interests in politics, law, ethics, aesthetics, social sciences, psychology, and technology. Books in this series include Dario Antiseri, Popper's Vienna: World 3 of Vienna 1870–1930  Remo Bodei, Logics of Delusion Paolo Crocchiolo, The Amorous Tinder William Egginton, A Wrinkle in History: Essays in Literature and Philosophy Emanuela Fornari, Modernity Out of Joint  Manfred Frank, The Boundaries of Agreement Rodolphe Gasché, Views and Interviews: On ‘Deconstruction’ in America José Guimón, Art and Madness Duncan Kennedy, Legal Reasoning: Collected Essays Philip Larrey, Thinking Logically Antonio Livi, Reasons for Believing Giacomo Marramao, Kairós Giovanni Mari, The Postmodern, Democracy, History Ana Messuti, Time as Punishment Józef Niżnik, The Arbitrariness of Philosophy Andrés Ortiz-Osés, The Sense of the World  Franca D’Agostini, The Last Fumes of the Evaporating Reality Luigi Pareyson, Existence, Interpretation, Freedom, Paolo Diego-Bubbio, Editor Jeffrey M. Perl, ed., Peace and Mind: Civilian Scholarship from Common Knowledge
Contemporary European Cultural Studies Series Editors, Gianni Vattimo and Santiago Zabala
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