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Title:  Faith and Reason: Historical analysis and perspectives for the present Author:  Antonio Sabetta Philip Larrey and Silvia Cattaneo, trans. Imprint:  The Davies Group, Publishers soft cover 232 pp. USD 24.00 ISBN 978-1934542101 May, 2012 This study begins with a detailed historical reconstruction of the relationship between faith and reason from the particular point of view of the Catholic Magisterium. It then considers how Catholic thought has dealt with this question. In reconsidering the relationship between faith and reason, it suggests a key understanding based on the concept of truth as “meaning”; in this way reason is conceived as a “sought meaning” and faith as a “given meaning.” This idea, united with the necessary presupposition of Truth as a horizon of both Reason and Faith, suggests new ways for a fruitful dialogue between faith and reason in the postmodern age — an age in which a reductive concept of reason and an inadequate idea of faith seem to prevail. Contents Introduction Faith and reason in the Church Magisterium from Pius IX to Fides et ratio             Chapter One: Pius IX (1846–1878) between the Qui pluribus and the Syllabus Chapter Two: Faith and reason in the First Vatican Council 2.1 From the Syllabus  to the First Vatican Council 2.2 The constitution Dei Filius Chapter Three:  Leo XIII and the Aeterni Patris Chapter Four: Faith and reason in the light of Fides et ratio 4.1 Fides et ratio  after Dei Filius  and Aeterni Patris : faith and reason 4.2 Truth, foundation and metaphysics 4.3 The historical reconstruction of Chapter 4 4.3.1 The patristic and medieval period 4.3.2 Faith and reason in the modern age Chapter Five: For a comprehensive review 5.1. Difference and reciprocity of faith and reason 5.1.1 Stressing difference: S. Kierkegaard 5.1.2 Stressing reciprocity and circularity 5.2 The crisis of reason and of the relationship reason-truth 5.3 Post-modernity as the name of contemporary times. A brief analysis 5.4 Going beyond the reductionism of post-modern reason 5.5 Faith and reason: a necessary encounter, if both are “loyal” to themselves Notes Bibliography Author Antonio   Sabetta,   PhD   in   Theology   and   Philosophy,   is   professor   of   Fundamental   Theology   at   the   Lateran   University.   His   studies   are   about   modern   philosophical   thought   at the   boundaries   between   faith   and   reason,   theology   and   philosophy.   He   is   the   author   of,   among   other   books,   Theology   of   Modernity    (2001),   The   existence   of   God   between   not evident and probability  (2010) Vico. Metaphysic and History  (2011).
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