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Title:  Multicultural Controverseries: Political Struggles, Cultural Consumerism and State Management  Author:  Imanol Galfarsoro Imprint:  The Davies Group, Publishers 204 pp. soft cover USD 26.00 ISBN 978-1934542446 Pub date: June 9, 2014 In   this   short   but   all-encompassing   account   of   multiculturalism,   Multicultural   Controversies    studies   the   emergence   and   development   of   multiculturalism as   a   concept   mapped   out   through   a   variety   of   controversial   discussions.   Arguing   that   multiculturalism   cannot   be   reduced   just   to   the   issues   of emigration   and   religion,   the   author   pursues   a   comprehensive   approach   reflecting   a   trans-disciplinary   interest   in   the   intersection   of   critical   social theory    and    radical    political    philosophy    with    post-colonial    studies,    and    examines    the    overall    contexts    (historical,    socio-political,    cultural    and philosophical/speculative) in which multiculturalism emerges and develops as a concept. Table of Contents Acknowledgments Introduction Part I Multiculturalism as Struggle: Society Chapter 1 Culture is (not) ordinary Culture and community; Double consciousness; Structures of feeling Chapter 2 Hegemonic articulations Infinite dispersal & arbitrary closure; Discourse and constitutive exteriors; There is no society Part II   Multiculturalism as Consumption:  Market Chapter 3 Others for sale Indifference to difference; Ideological form of global capitalism; Boutique multiculturalism Chapter 4 “It’s the economy, stupid!” Tolerance and respect; Universal, particular, singular; The market (and the) economy Part III  Multiculturalism as Management: State Chapter 5 Nation and Migration Border Theory; DissemiNations; Implicit assumptions Chapter 6 The State is death, long live the State! “Sophisticated” multiculturalism; Post-nationalisms; State of affairs Conclusion Endnotes Works Cited Index “Multicultural   Controversies    offers   a   totally   fresh   look   at   a   complex   subject.   Imanol   Galfarsoro   views   multiculturalism   along   three   dimensions:   struggle   and   society,   consumption and   the   market,   management   and   the   state.   It   is   an   original   and   illuminating   approach.   This   book,   with   its   broad   coverage   and   incisive   analysis,   is   essential   reading   for   anyone grappling with the question of multiculturalism today.” Dr. Brian Klug Senior Research Fellow & Tutor in Philosophy Oxford University Multicultural   Controversies   contributes   an   unparalleled   genealogy   of   the   problem   of   multiculturalism.   At   a   time   when   intellectual   discourse   tends   to   forget   yesterday’s   debates and,   consequently,   keeps   “reinventing”   the   same   problems,   Multicultural   Controversies    offers   a   forty-year   history   on   the   debates   about   the   problem   of   cultural/racial/ethnic difference, while masterfully weaving this history with the more general philosophical debate of universalism/particularism in a very synthetic way.” Dr. Joseba Gabilondo Department of Romance and Classical Studies Michigan State University About thehe Author: Imanol Galfarsoro (Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Design, University of Leeds), PhD in Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds, UK, has written and published books, articles and collaborations on questions of cultural and national identity, migration, diaspora politics and subaltern/postcolonial thought.
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