The primary aim of this series is to promote constructive thinking about notions that matter to human beings in theoretical, existential, and practical ways by way of engagement with disciplines and approaches such as Continental philosophy, semiotics, cultural studies, feminism, anthropology, psychology, sociology, political science, and the media. The series was conceived of and originally named Contemporary Religious Thought by the eminent scholar and good friend, Charles E. Winquist, whose premature death was a deeply-felt loss; so much so that the decision was made to continue the series under its new name in his memory. We have kept the books  associated with the original series, and we will continue to add to the list with works that he would have been proud to publish. Books in this category include Thomas J. J. Altizer, The New Apocalypse: The Radical Christian Vision of William Blake Thomas J. J. Altizer, The New Gospel of Christian Atheism Claudio Baraldi, Andrea Borsari, Augusto Carli, eds., Hybrids, Differences, Visions: On the Study of Culture Andrew Bartlett, Mad Scientist, Impossible Human: An Essay on Generative Anthropology Petra Carlsson Redell, Mysticism as Revolt: Foucalt, Deleuze and Theology Beyond Representation Flavio Cassinari, The Dynamics of Legitimation Paolo Crocchiolo, The Touch of Life Mirko Di Bernardo, Neuroplasticity, Memory, and Sense of Self Carmelo Dotolo, The Christian Revelation William Egginton and David E. Johnson, Thinking With Borges  Raoul Eshelman, Performatism, or the End of Postmodernism Eric Gans, A New Way of Thinking Thomas A. Idinopulos, Betrayal of Spirit: Jew-hatred, The Holocaust, and Christianity Thomas A. Idinopulos, The Erosion of Faith Greg Johnson, Elements of the Utopian James Eric Lane, Myth and the Mechanistic Universe David Leahy, Beyond Sovereignty Antonio Livi, A Philosophy of Common Sense Charles H. Long, Significations: Signs, Symbols and Images in the Interpretation of Religion Catherine Madsen, The Bones Reassemble: Reconstituting Liturgical Speech Catherine Madsen, In Medias Res Leonardo Messinese, The Problem of God in Modern Philosophy Ellen Miller, Releasing Philosophy, Thinking Art  Len Moss, The Evolutionary Sequence  Stephen Nichols. Romanesque Signs Robert Oventile, Impossible Reading  Robert Oventile, Satan’s Secret Daughters: The Muse as Daemon Daniel Price, Touching Difficulty: Sacred Form from Plato to Derrida Daniel Price and Ryan Johnson, eds. The Movement of Nothingness Carl Raschke, The End of Theology Carl Raschke and William Dean, eds. The Republic of Faith  Jeffrey W. Robbins, In Search of a Non-Dogmatic Theology Kathrin H. Rosenfield, Antigone: Sophocles’ Art, Hölderlin’s Insight Kathrin H. Rosenfield, Oedipus Rex: The story of a palace intrigue  Antonio Sabetta, Faith and Reason Theresa Sanders, Body and Belief Alberto Strumia, The Sciences and the Fullness of Rationality Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti, Faith, Reason and the Natural Sciences Gabriel Vahanian, Anonymous God Gabriel Vahanian, Tillich and the New Religious Paradigm Richard van Oort, The End of Literature Garry Watson, Opening Doors: Thought From (and of) the Outside Charles E. Winquist, Epiphanies of Darkness: Deconstruction in Theology Charles E. Winquist, The Surface of the Deep Ashley Woodward, Nihilism in Postmodernity: Lyotard, Baudrillard, Vattimo
Contemporary Thought
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