Michael Strysick, ed. The Politics of Community Critical Studies in the Humanities Scholars from Plato, to Aristotle, to the present have wrestled with the question of how best to structure community. While community generally is defined by what is common among individuals, The Politics of Community is equally concerned with the negative ways in which exclusion functions in community despite that community's declared goals of inclusion. Aware of such failures, this work diagnoses the “grammatical” or foundational character underlying the community through literary and cultural narratives from scholars in literature, philosophy, film, history, sociology, feminist studies and postcolonial studies. Contents Introduction: Michael Strysick, Transforming Community. Part I: Bridges to Past and Future Verena Andermatt Conley, More Communal Crisis Alphonso Lingis, Cues, Watchwords, Passwords. Part II: Community, Politics, and the Political Dennis A. Foster, Pleasure and Community in Cultural Criticism Michael Strysick, The End of Community and the Politics of Grammar. Part III: Community and French Theory A. J. P. Thomson, Against Community: Derrida contra Nancy Robert Mitchell, Fraternal Anonymity: Blanchot and Nancy on Community and Mitsein. Part IV: Transnational Communities Jane Hiddleston, Re-imagining Community and Cultural Difference: Nancy’s Theory and the Context of Immigration in France Linnell Secomb, Haunted Community Aaron Han Joon Magnan-Park, Imagining Communities of the “Yet-to-be-Fully- National”: Hong Kong Action Cinema’s Engagement with a Globalized Transnational Imaginary. Part V: Community and Identity Astra Taylor, Reclaiming Radical: Hegemony, Rhetoric, Community Naomi Silver, The Politics of Sacrifice Kirsten Campbell, New Feminist Communities For The Third Wave. Bibliography Editor Michael Strysick’s articles appear in journals such as Cultural Critique, Romanic Review, and South Atlantic Review, he has contributed several entries to the Routledge Encyclopedia of Postmodernism, and his essay “Emerson, Slavery, and the Evolution of Self-Reliance” appeared in The Emerson Dilemma: Essays on Emerson and Social Reform (Georgia, 2001).
soft cover 280 pp. $24.00 US ISBN 978-1-888570-63-2 2002
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